IPN TV Network

IPN TV was founded by Mehran Abshah in 2001. Mehran Abshah has produced and hosted several shows such as “Hamshahri,” “Hekayatha Shekayatha,” and the hugely popular family show “Everyday Holiday,” which he co-hosted with his wife Baharak Nasiry. IPN TV Network is a Farsi-language television channel that quickly gained popularity and became one of the most watched channels among Farsi speakers worldwide. In 2003, IPN held the Miss Iran contest in Europe and the United States, which attracted over 2500 contestants from around the globe and became one of the most controversial and watched TV programs in Iran since the 1978 revolution.

In 2003, IPN was one of the first channels in the United States to offer an online voting system as well as vote by phone through a short code message system. It also introduced the Text to TV capability, which allowed viewers to send texts to the IPN broadcast control room and have their text appear on live TV within seconds.

IPN’s programming is family-oriented and reflects the diversity of Iranian communities worldwide. The channel’s programming is aimed at a variety of audiences, including Iranians, Tajiks, Kurds, Afghan Turkish Iranians, Armenian Iranians, Arab Iranians, and other minorities who speak Farsi (Persian).

IPN offers a full range of programming, including news, entertainment, talk shows, TV series, cooking shows, documentaries, game shows, and sports. The network reaches over 5 million viewers in North America and more than 75 million Farsi speakers worldwide. IPN has production facilities in Los Angeles, Toronto, Dubai, and Istanbul.

In Europe and the Middle East, IPN broadcasts its signal via Eutelsat, while in the USA and Canada it can be accessed on galaxy19. It is also available on internet portals like YouTube, Instagram Live, IPN2.com, as well as GLWIZ, TV Box, Roku, and Iranproud.